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TELIKOU IFB-04M/PTM-404 IFB system

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Thank you for choosing TELIKOU intercom products. During the production of a program for transmission or recording, a director or producer frequently needs to cue the performing talent. This is done using Interrupt FoldBack (IFB), a type of simplex intercom for sending program and interrupt (microphone / cue) audio on “IFB” lines for the talent to monitor. 


TELIKOU IFB equipment includes PTM-404, IFB-04M, IFB-08M and BT-01. IFB-04M and IFB-08M have built-in power supply. IFB-04M equals the combination of MA-704 and PS-702. IFB-08M equals the combination of Clear-com MA-704, AX-704 and PS-702. PTM-404 and BT-01 are equal to PIC-4744 and TR-50.

PTM-404 provides 4 program inputs and 4 outputs to talent receivers. A PTM-404 unit is required for every four talent positions. 


Press the IFB button on the IFB-04M / IFB-08M corresponding to the talent positions you with to cue, then speak into the microphone. Or press the “ALL” button and you simultaneously activate every IFB line. The corresponding talent can hear the microphone / cue signal and program feed on that IFB line.




  1. Program Output Level Adjustment

Adjusts the program audio level output for a specific Talent.


  1. Program Select Switch

Selects which of the program inputs (1~4) is connected to the Talent output.


  1. Program Audio Attenuation control

Adjusts the program audio attenuation. 

Turn counterclockwise to increase and clockwise to decrease.


  1. Attenuation (Atten) Test button

Allows attenuation program audio for a selected talent would be heard by the


Adjusts the attenuation program level by item 3. 


  1. Monitor output (ø3.5mm)

S - Common

R,T - Audio Signal


  1. Monitor output (XLR-4M/XLR-5F)

1 - Null

2 - Null

3 - Common

4 - Audio Signal


  1. Talent Select

● : Null

A, B, C or D : Hear the audio sent to one of four Talents outputs


  1. Interrupt Foldback (IFB) Input

Connection for IFB-04M or IFB-08M. 


XLR-6F Connector:

1 - Common

2 - 24VDC-30VDC

3 - Audio signal and IFB control signal for Talent A 

4 - Audio signal and IFB control signal for Talent B 

5 - Audio signal and IFB control signal for Talent C

6 - Audio signal and IFB control signal for Talent D 



  1. Wet / Dry Switch

Wet:Standard Party-Line connector with power

1 - Common

2 - 24 - 30VDC Output

3 - Audio


Dry:Allows connection for equipment that does not require power 

(such as Clear-Com’s PTX-3 Wireless IFB Transmitter)

1 - Common

2 - Audio

3 - Common


  1. Talent Connectors (XLR-3M)

     Outputs to talent receivers TELIKOU BT-01 or Clear-Com TR-50s or RF 

wireless IFBs

1 - Common

2 - 24-30VDC

3 - Audio 


  1. Power

1 - Common

2 - 24-30VDC Input

3 - Null


  1. Program Inputs

     Inputs for program audio (as selected by item 2)

1 - Common

2 - Audio Input - 

3 - Audio Input +


Refer to Figure 3. When more than two IFB-04M are working together and there is only one goose-neck microphone. The interrupt (cue) audio and the ALL control signal must be bused for each IFB-04M. A two-conductor shielded mic cable with 6.35mm TRS plugs at each end is required. 


The IFB-04M with goose-neck microphone is called master. The others are called slave, which is like AX-704.   TRS cable connects master’s Exten. But Output and slaves’ External Line Input. 

In Figure 4 IFB-08M is master.





TELIKOU supplies 6-pin XLR cable in 1m, 5m, 15m and 30m length. 



    IFB-04M (IFB-08M)

    Power:   85-260VAV/50-60Hz

    Power Cable Output:(XLR-3M//XLR-3M)

    Pin 1 - Common

    Pin 2 - 24VDC/1A

    Pin 3 - Null

    IFB Control:(XLR-6)

    Pin 1 - Common

    Pin 2 - 24VDC/1A

    Pin 3 - Talent A

    Pin 4 - Talent B

    Pin 5 - Talent C

    Pin 6 - Talent D



    Four Channels Talent Receiver Connector (XLR-3M)

    Pin 1 - Common

    Pin 2 - 24-30VDC

    Pin 3 - Audio Signal

    Input Power Connector: (XLR-3F/XLR-3M)

    Pin 1 - Common

    Pin 2 - 24-30VDC Input

    Pin 3 - Null

    Four channels Programme Input (XLR-3F)

    Pin 1 - Common

    Pin 2 - Audio input -

    Pin 3 - Audio Output +


    Bandwidth: 300Hz - 4000Hz ±3dB

                  Working Temperature: 0°- 50°C

                  Size: 482.6mm x 44.5mm x 155mm