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Sony ICD-UX560 Digital Voice Recorder with Built-in USB

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The Sony voice recorder helps you to capture all your meetings, lectures and radio broadcasts in a clear and high quality audio with the thin and light UX560F.

Key Features
  • User-friendly Interface
The Sony UX560F helps you to search for your recordings and music files to play easily and swiftly with the new user interface, so that you just monitor the recording levels with no worried.
  • Built-in Storage
You can just simply record your files without any anxious on the memory storage. A built-in memory of up to 4 GB of internal memory and you can just expand via MicroSD cards.
  • Direct built-in USB
The direct built-in USB gives you a quick charge on it and it provides you an easy connection to the PC to add or remove your files and you’ll always be prepared for hours of recording