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Sony FDR-AX100E 4K Ultra HD Camcorder (PAL)

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Give your videos a cinematic look and feel with CinemaTone Gamma™ and CinemaTone Color™. You'll no longer need tedious editing software, simply switch on this mode and mimic the film look to your videos.

Audio REC Level

The manual Audio REC Level helps make effective use of sound when shooting videos.

Premium Closer Voice

Premium Closer Voice records voice clearly and more naturally by balancing the voice volumes of a subject and videographer and by reducing audio noise.

Dual Video Recording

This convenient function allows simultaneous recording of AVCHD movies in Full HD format ideal for preserving precious memories, and MP4 format for easy transfer to smartphones and sharing with friends. Dual video recording is also available for the combination of XAVC S and MP4*. Simply touch your mobile device to your Handycam® via NFC/Wi-Fi function and instantly transfer MP4 movies to your mobile device, allowing instant uploading to websites.

*XAVC S format is available for FDR-AX100/HDR-CX900. FDR-AX100 can record 4K*1 movies with XAVC S format.

My Voice Cancelling

This convenient new feature significantly reduces the intensity of your voice as you shoot, while maintaining the volume of your subject’s voice and other sounds in your surroundings. It accomplishes this feat by detecting where sounds originate and suppressing sound coming from behind the camcorder in the typical frequency range of the human voice. Even when you become excited while capturing sporting events or your children, your loud cheers will be reduced to a whisper.

Night Shot

With Sony's innovative NightShot, you can capture video images in the dark, even under 0 Lux lighting condition. In NightShot mode, an infrared ray is emitted automatically from your Handycam®, allowing you to capture your subject clearly enough for identification when it is within the recommended distance of 3m.

Electronic View Finder (EVF)

The 0.31" OLED EVF provides a clear and crisp representation of your videos. It also allows you to frame your videos better and increases stability to shoot your footage with precision.

Advanced Sound Processor

The “Advanced Sound Processor” provides essential audio noise reduction processing for the Auto Wind Noise Reduction and Closer Voice features. Recording clear, high-intelligibility audio is now easier than ever.

Accessorise Your Handycam®

Make your photo adventures more enjoyable with an array of accessories - from tripods, microphone, flash, cases, and more.