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Sony DW-R01D Digital Wireless Receiver

SG$ 999.00

The DWR-R01D is a 2-channel digital diversity receiver for permanent installation into a fixed or transportable rack system. This 1U unit can be cascaded to a maximum of eight devices for a total of sixteen open channels without the need for an external antenna divider.

Large OLED displays for each channel simplify operation, and for rapid wireless set-up the receiver automatically scans for clear and active channels.

With a 24-bit audio path and a reliable, secure digital transmission link, the DWR-R01D is at the heart of Sony's modern, versatile digital wireless microphone system.


Features include:

  • 2 channel digital rack-mountable receiver

    The DWR-R01D is a 2-channel 1U rack mountable receiver for permanent installation or for mounting in a transportable rack system. DWR-R01D receivers can be cascaded up to a maximum of eight units, giving a total of sixteen possible open channels - or even more, with the optional WD-850 UHF Antenna Divider.

  • Very wide RF operating range

    A massive RF operational bandwidth of 72MHz gives a wide choice of operating frequencies, and optimised channel spacing for maximum performance when running multiple wireless microphones.

  • Usability features to assist with setting up

    Pre-programmed wireless channel plans for a simple default setup. Active Channel and Clear Channel scanning for quick and mistake-free channel allocation

  • Digital and analogue professional audio outputs

    The DWR-R01D is easy to connect to other professional equipment. It has three AES/EBU outputs and a digital Word Sync input/output, for synchronising with other such as digital mixers or recorders.

  • Diversity reception

    The DWR-R01D has two dual antenna terminals to support diversity reception, which reduces the chance of dropouts caused by deadspots in the reception pattern

  • Windows PC control and setup software

    Software supplied with the DWR-R01D remotely monitors and manages the status of the wireless system, simplifying setup and optimising performance parameters