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Sony BVV-5PS Betacam SP Recorder PAL and CA-511 Adapter

SG$ 3,995.00

Highlights :

  • More than 30 (NTSC)/ 35 (PAL) min of recording time using S-cassette
  • Two AFM audio channels in addition to two longitudinal audio channels with the Dolby™ C-type NR (Noise Reduction) system
  • Video/audio confidence playback
  • Can record up to 70 minutes of HD video and audio (using one 16-GB memory card)
  • Viewfinder playback (luminance or CTDM selectable)
  • Color playback with the optional VA-500/500P Playback Adaptor
  • Full range of machine control provided (Fast forward/Rewind/Play/Stop/Eject)
  • Recording review function
  • Built-in LTC/VITC/User Bit generator and LTC reader wtih external time code lock capability
  • Frame accurate back space editing
  • LCD time code display
  • Builit-in loudspeaker
  • Builit-in external microphone power supply (+48V, Ch-1

Overview : 

Compact, rugged, lightweight and low power consumption. Can be operated:
- Directly connected to the camera as a Camcorder
- Standalone with the optional VA-5/5P Component/ composite VTR Adaptor.