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Comica CVM-WS50 (B) 6-Channels Smartphone Wireless Microphone

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comica CVM-WS50 6-channels smartphone wireless microphone, CVM-WS50 is a wireless microphone for smartphones with built-in mobile phones. With built-in lithium polymer, UHF wireless technology and high-resolution LCD screen, comes with six channels in total, Steeples adjustable volume at the receiving end, and integrated into audio monitoring and operate.

  • UHF 794~806 MHz frequency range.(Band for Thailand Regulation)
  • 6-channels, Working Distance Up to 40m (In Open Area, 30m in Barrier Area )
  • Built-in Metal Material Smartphone Holder
  • LCD Screen for Displaying Channels and Audio Status
  • Stepless Volume Adjustment
  • Real-time Audio Monitor
  • Extendable for Connection with LED Light, Grip, Tripod, Cold-shoe,etc
  • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • Portable and Light