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Cameo ZENIT Z120 Professional Zoom PAR light with IP65

SG$ 650.00

The Cameo Zenit® Z 120 is a powerful, fully RDM-enabled PAR spot for demanding professional applications. The long-lasting 120 W RGBW COB LED and 16-bit technology create vivid, high-resolution and exceptionally homogeneous colour mixtures along with perfect dimming behaviour. With a range of 7° to 55°, the motor zoom provides flexible illumination ranging from sharp, narrow beams to widely spread expanses.

With flicker-free operation, thanks to a 3,600 Hz refresh rate, and its IP65 classification, the ZENIT Z 120 is excellently suited for use in TV and film or outdoors. The PAR spot also features colour temperature correction, a variable white balance and 4 selectable dimmer curves, whose response can be adjusted to simulate halogen lamps.

The ZENIT Z 120 can be controlled in 7 modes via DMX or operated in master, slave or standalone mode. It is operated via a backlit display with 4 buttons. An access lock prevents unauthorized setting changes.

The Cameo ZENIT Z 120’s extremely robust housing is convection-cooled for silent operation. The spot works with all voltages between 100 and 240 volts; Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 and 5-pin X-HD input and output sockets facilitate problem-free parallel connection. The adjustable double bracket makes easy mounting possible and also serves as a floor stand.


  • Powerful, professional PAR spot with 7–55° zoom
  • Fully RDM enabled
  • 120 W RGBW COB LED
  • 16-bit technology for homogeneous, high-resolution colours
  • Colour temperature correction
  • 4 high-resolution dimmer curves with variable response
  • Variable white balance
  • Flicker-free: perfect for TV and film applications
  • IP65 classified, suitable for outdoor use
  • 7 DMX control modes, plus master, slave and standalone operation
  • Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 and 5-pin X-HD power and DMX sockets


    Dimensions without mounting bracket
    Product number:CLZZ120
    Product type:LED PAR Lighting
    Colour spectrum:RGBW
    Number of LEDs:1
    LED type:120W (approx. 50000 operating hours)
    Refresh rate:3600Hz
    Dispersion:7 - 55°
    DMX input:5-pin Neutrik X-HD
    DMX output:5-pin Neutrik X-HD
    DMX mode:17-channel, 11-channel, 10-channel, 9-channel, 5-channel, 4-channel, 3-channel
    DMX Functions:Dimmer Response, Dimmer Fine, Dimmer Curve, Zoom Fine, Dimmer, Zoom, strobe, Colour temperature correction, RGBW Fine, colour macro, RGBW, colour jump, reset, colour fade
    Standalone modes:colour jump, White Balance adjustable, colour fade, strobe, static colour, master / slave mode, Display Lock, Dimmer Response, Dimmer Curve, colour macro
    Controls:up, mode, Enter, down
    Indicators:backlit LCD
    Operating voltage:100 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
    Power consumption:180W
    Power connector:Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 IN (NAC3FX-W) / OUT (NACMFX-W)
    Housing material:metal
    Cabinet colour:Black
    Protection class IP:65
    Illuminance:(7°) 62000lx @ 1m, (55°) 3900lx @ 1m
    Luminous flux:2117lm
    Operating Temperature:-15 - 45°C