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Cameo MOVO BEAM Z 100 Unlimited Rotation Beam Moving Head with LED Ring and Zoom ( call us )

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Taking the success of the MOVO®Beam 100 one step further, the Movo® Beam Z 100 is an ultra-fast moving head featuring a powerful motor zoom. With a zoom range of 4 to 30 degrees, it delivers tightly focussed beams, beatiful wash and amazing zoom effects. A central high-performance 60 watt OSRAM LED with a 50,000 hour lifespan produces rich RGBW mixes with saturated primary colours, subtle pastel hues and natural shades of white. It is surrounded by an RGB LED ring with 4 individually controllable segments that enable a spectacular lighting performance.

Driven by two high-speed, high-torque motors the MOVO® BEAM Z 100 provides endless pan and tilt rotation with smooth precision. It sports a bright 2.5" TFT display with touch sensitive buttons for convenient configuration, 3 modes of DMX control and spectacular automated modes. Seamless dimming with 4 selectable curves and a rapid strobe add to a brilliant and exciting performance.

The MOVO® BEAM Z 100's compact ABS and metal housing features temperature controlled fan cooling to ensure reliable operation and extended LED life. It comes with an omega bracket for a variety of mounting options.


  • Ultra-bright 60 W OSRAM RGBW LED for saturated primary colours, subtle pastel hues and natural shades of white
  • Individually controllable 4-segment RGB LED ring with single pixel control
  • 2 high-speed, high torque motors for ultra-fast unlimited pan and tilt
  • Motor zoom with 4° to 30° range
  • Spectacular automated modes
  • 4 selectable dimming curves
  • 3 DMX modes, standalone or master/slave operation
  • 2.5" TFT display and touch panel for intuitive configuration
  • Omega mounting bracket included

    Product number:CLMBZ100
    Product type:LED Moving Lights
    Type:LED Moving Effects
    Colour spectrum:RGBW
    Number of LEDs:1
    LED type:60W OSRAM (approx. 50.000 operating hours)
    Refresh rate:1000Hz
    Dispersion:4 - 30°
    DMX input:XLR 3-pin male
    DMX output:XLR 3-pin female
    DMX mode:5-channel, 36-channel, 16-channel
    DMX Functions:PAN UNLIMITED ROTATION, TILT, colour jump, PAN, Stroboscope, colour fade, Dimmer Fine, Strobe Colour Ring, auto programs, Dimmer Curve, RGBW, RGB Ring 1-4, Dimmer Colour Ring, Pan/Tilt Speed, Colour Ring Macro Speed, Pan/Tilt Macros, Zoom, Colour Ring Macro, Pan/Tilt fine, TILT UNLIMITED ROTATION, colour macro
    PAN movement:unlimited
    TILT movement:unlimited
    Standalone modes:Static Mode, auto programs
    Controls:Enter, Value Up, Value Down, mode
    Indicators:2,5” TFT Display
    Operating voltage:100 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
    Power consumption:140W
    Power connector:Blue and white power I/O
    Housing material:metal, ABS plastic
    Cabinet colour:Black
    Illuminance:8500lx @ 3m
    Luminous flux:1220lm